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"Amanda Mascarenhas’ design borrow widely but lightly from pop culture. ….The movie-worthy sets recall the region’s industrial history, but the neon-steampunk sorcerer’s lab could easily be a bar in Mos Eisley, while the sorcerer (a fun Nick Figgis) looks like Doc Brown, had his passion been magic not a flux capacitor."

The Stage

"Amanda Mascarenhas’s excellent design captures the grubby flat perfectly, and this was a time when every gay man seemed to smoke, and, boy, so they smoke!"

British Theatre times

"The attention to detail in Amanda Mascarenhas set design is second to none.  For the audience it’s like stepping back in time, and in the intimate setting of Trafalgar Studios, feels like a voyeuristic intrusion on the lives of these men of yesteryear."

Theatre weekly

"Designer Amanda Mascarenhas has created a bare and stripped-back set, which adds to the urban setting of the play. The neon colours and police tape decorated suit the energy of the piece. "

A younger theatre

"Employing some of the audience to fill-out the cabaret-style, on-stage seating in the initial scene, there's an intimate yet slightly seedy feel to Amanda Mascarenhas's design, with neon lights sporting the words "Girls, girls, girls" advertising the essential nature of the location - a pole-dancing club."

Act Drop 

"And as you take your seat, take a moment to enjoy Amanda Mascarenhas’ delightful set: different levels, different spaces, each lovingly created to reflect the woman who inhabits each room"

Narc Magazine

"The international scope of the piece is well served by Amanda Mascarenhas' gorgeously layered set.

The Stage

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